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Take Control of Compliance Improvement to Conquer Every Audit

  • Pre or post audits information collection

  • Review the gap analysis worksheet

  • Remediate non-compliance gaps and take action

  • Confirm compliance and final review



SMB (Small and Medium-Sized Businesses)

  • Need: To Improve Organization IT Awareness & Success 

  • Size: < 250 Employees

  • Devices: < 20 Systems (Assessment Quota Limit)

Your Organization Challenge

  • Most enterprises lose track of compliance changes, and view compliance as a "must-do" expense rather than a "should-do," value-added activity.

  • IT is often left out of compliance discussions and is unaware of compliance requirements or non-compliance gaps.

  • Organizations generally wait to improve compliance until mandated changes are dictated following an adverse audit or assessment.


Our Recommendation and Advice

  • Get professional help to correctly analyze and interpret compliance results.

  • Take compliance seriously. Understand your IT environments, take calculated risks to stack the odds in your favor.

  • Take an agile approach to analyze your gaps and prioritize your remediation. Upon evaluation you may find your organization in circumstances not fully compliant, understanding the consequences and what that means for the business.

  • Be proactive in your compliance approach.

  • Avoid non-compliance fines and fees.

Impact and Result

Approach compliance proactively and derive value from the process by managing your compliance initiatives using a constant cycle. 

  • Initiate the drive to conform with regulations and improve compliance.

  • Consistently assess the regulatory and business landscape to determine your compliance gaps.

  • Improve compliance and remediate non-compliance in an effective, tactical manner.

  • Confirm and assure compliance through regular adherence checks.

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